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Timely and accurate bookkeeping is the backbone of your business

To make informed decisions and successfully run your business you need accurate metrics. Which products and services are most profitable? How’s your cash flow? How are your actual results comparing to budget?

Having timely and accurate bookkeeping enables you to answer all of these questions and many more. But if your bookkeeping isn’t being done properly, your decisions will be based on inaccurate information and your business can rapidly fail. Why risk it?

Outsource your bookkeeping to us

As your tax accountants we can also handle all of your monthly, weekly or daily bookkeeping needs, including billing, A/R, A/P, bank reconciliations and reporting. You’ll be able to rest easy knowing that your invoices are going out; your bills are getting paid; your expenses are all properly tracked, categorized and documented; your inventory is accurate; and your decisions are based on reality.

Of course, with JM Montoya CPA all of your bookkeeping will be completed by a qualified bookkeeper, generally on QuickBooks, and then reviewed by a CPA who is familiar with your business.

Get complete payroll services, too

After getting your payroll set up with a fully vetted third-party payroll vendor, we will oversee your entire payroll process to ensure accurate and timely payroll and payroll tax compliance. Our payroll services include preparation of all payroll-related paperwork, including Form 941 quarterly reports, annual Form 940 reports, and payroll compliance forms for all applicable states.