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Financial Freedom Allows Everyone to Pursue Happiness

BUT few realize how taxes hinder our ability to pursue happiness.
Helping Businesses Minimize TaxesAfter over 15 years helping businesses and individuals make sound financial decisions and ethically reduce their tax liability, we’ve learned a thing or two about money. The number one lesson: Achieving financial stability and success eliminates a slew of stressors and worries from your life, and can enable you to pursue activities that bring you joy. In other words, money really can lead to happiness. This is one of the reasons we focus on helping businesses minimize taxes.

Helping Businesses Minimize Taxes

JM Montoya CPA specializes in helping businesses (Sole Proprietorships, Partnerships, LLCs, Corporations), Individuals, Non-Profits, Estates and Trusts in Southern California and the surrounding areas optimize and minimize their taxes.

Jared Montoya, CPA, EA is known as the “Tax Doctor” because he diagnoses and cures tax-related problems, including issues with tax returns from prior years, and then helps clients maintain good financial health.

To ensure you benefit from all tax-lowering strategies that apply to your situation, available tax services include:

Tax amending Diagnosis

  • Reduce your tax liability by fixing problems that occurred in the past

Tax planning – Preventative Care

  • Ensure you utilize all appropriate strategies to minimize your tax liability
  • Create tax projections

Tax preparation – Primary Care

  • Federal taxes
  • International taxes
  • Multi-state taxes
  • Complex tax situations
  • Foreign-earned income

Tax incentive programs – Tax Surgeries

  • Programs to lower your business tax liability

Tax & business consulting – Specialized Care

  • Partnership allocations
  • Property depreciation and expense capturing
  • Entity selection
  • Tax implications of buying or selling a business
  • Tax analysis of potential 1031 exchanges